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Murder Mystery Slots Casino

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WHAT'S NEW? -New "Day at the Races" book added! Play Murder Mystery Slots, your new favorite mobile game! Spin the slots, win to unlock clues. Unravel the whole story and catch the baddie!
Detective Marley Grey needs your help as she wades into a crime scene, sifting through clues and suspects.
Spin & Win; Achieve your goal: -Each slot symbol gives you points.-Rack up points to fill in silhouettes of objects in the crime scene, revealing important clues!-Your goal is to fill in all the clues and collect the evidence hidden in each stage.
Each stage unlocks part of the mystery until you complete the picture of what really happened. Be the hero/ine who solves the crime and catches the culprit!
Main Features:-FREE Classic slots game with a twist!-Help Detective Marley Grey sift throughout crime scenes! -Spin to unlock clues!-Catch the culprit! -Unlock each stage to find out what really happened!-Auto Spin available! -Reverse Hidden Object search!-Daily Bonus for extra coins and more!-Free Spins & Wilds!-FREE updates with new slot machines!
You won’t regret downloading this mystery adventure casino app! Caution this is a very addicting slot machine game!